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The leader of vacuum equipment,
the eco-friendly future industry

With its open mind-set, creative thinking,
and active behavior, we will become the best in the
futuristic thin-film vacuum equipment area
CEO Message

Thank you for your visit to INTTECH website.

"INTTECH will accomplish customer impression by
providing the thin-film vacuum coating and surface
improvement equipment with high performance and
high quality. "

INTTECH specializes in eco-friendly surface processing technology to provide the best products. By developing
environment-friendly and high-quality products with better design and functionality, the company makes its ceaseless efforts to become the leader in the rapidly changing and infinitely competitive global market.

INTTECH applies eco-friendly surface processing technology to produce automobile exterior and interior parts.
Based on its know-how of surface processing technology and its practical experience, the company developed its
own vacuum coating system to manufacture products. With its coating technology for high quality, the company
makes and supplies its functional-coating products and home appliance parts. In this way, the technological power
and excellent products of the company have been widely recognized.

In the global era when the 21st knowledge and information determine national competitiveness, INTTECH performs
national projects to commercialize application technology in the eco-friendly surface processing area, have close
cooperation with national research institutes for local development, research institutes of large companies, and
various universities, and puts its most effort to research new technologies by establishing its corporate research

With the open mind-set, creative thinking, and active behavior, all executives and employees of INTTECH will do the best as the proud maker of vacuum devices in the futuristic global business area to satisfy customers' various quality requirements.

CEO Hyun-Ho Hwang