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The leader of vacuum equipment,
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With its open mind-set, creative thinking,
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R&D Center

Leader of a new market

To live up to customers' requirements in the globally and infinitely competitive era,
the research institute continues to invest in research and development,
and makes its ceaseless effort to lead a new market.

Research Projects

The year Reserch content
2013 Developed SiO2 film technology to prevent the oxidization of the metallic reflective surface of automobile head lamp
2012 Developed eco-friendly direct vacuum (nano) deposition coating technology for automobile exterior and interior materials
2011 Manufactured the automobile interior part surface processing product using light transmission thin-film
2011 Manufactured the metal surface processing product of automobile garnish interior mood lamp with low surface reflective
2010 Developed titanium glasses color coating process using UBM Sputter
2009 Developed PVD based metal (Ti) color card
2007 Developed photocatalyst based tmulti-layer thin-film manufacturing technology with self-cleaning and super-hydrophilicity effects
2006 Seal-type magnetic fluid manufacturing technique